Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baking Challenge

What's next????????
awesome photoshop job here
I've made chocolate covered chicken and chocolate salsa (forgot to mention that one).  I've played with pies, cheesecakes, cookies and cakes.  I've copied, stolen, created and adjusted all kinds of recipes.  I have fun baking and even more fun when I'm creating something new.  For my chocolate covered chicken, I have read about other people mixing chocolate with savory dishes, and I've had mole enchiladas before so I had to give it a try myself.  The only real guidance I had was chili goes well with chocolate....it was amazing!  Sometimes, though, my random creations are absolute garbage.  It's a bit disappointing when that happens but it's not often enough to wreck my hopes and dreams.

What's the point??????  So I know I haven't tried everything out there, and I even have plenty of stuff on my to-do list, but I'm wanting some input from the rest of the world......What should I do next?  If you've followed my blog or read through past entries you know some of the things I've tried in the past so hopefully I won't get any repeats for suggestions....

What do I want from YOU?
      An idea!  Not a recipe, just an idea.  You can give a list of ingredients and a hopeful outcome, or you can tell me your 2-3 favorite things (i.e. chocolate, cheesecake, heath bars= i make you a heath bar cheesecake)(or chicken, cheese, chocolate= chocolate covered chicken)  and I will think of a way to make something delicious from it.  Tell me about something you had once but don't know what it was (i promise to not come anywhere near perfectly recreating it but hopefully I will get something tasty at least).

So is that a good enough explanation?  Are you gonna play along?  Just leave me a comment and I will go through and pick my favorite ideas and get started this weekend.  Remember I'm a guy who loves to bake, so I'm really looking for baking ideas, but I won't crucify you if you deviate...after all I did make chocolate covered chicken this week.


  1. I'm on a pumpkin kick. I love the Olive Garden pumpkin cheesecake and Dairy Queen's pumpkin pie blizzard, but can't eat either right now. I'm doing weight watchers so try to make something with lots of fiber and/or protein to balance out the carbs and fat.

  2. Hmmm . . . I think you should try some sort of ice cream cake. An Ice cream, cheese cake, chocolate cake with brownies, caramel sauce and walnuts(toasted). Good Luck!

  3. In about 1994, the Olive Garden in Houston had a carrot cake cheesecake but I think an Italian cream cake cheese cake would be better. It was a layer of cake, a layer of cheesecake and cream cheese icing in between and on top.... yum!