Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pies

I'm a failure as a baker/blogger....I suck at taking pictures!  Today I made some amazing desserts but forgot to take pictures so most of you have probably stopped reading already....but let me tell you about them anyway, and put the recipe.  I can always add pictures next time I make them.

My wife, remember I told you she's addicted to pinterest, suggested that I check it out to find a good dessert to take to church.  So I did, and I found this

Apparently Pinterest is too difficult for me because when I clicked on the picture it took me to a different website and I never could find the recipe, so I just guessed.....and it was AWESOME!!!!

What an experiment this turned out to be....I was reading a recipe yesterday that told me to combine some sugar, butter and some other stuff in the microwave for 45 seconds then remove and add chocolate chips, stirring till melted.  So, I decided to use the same method....uhhh  bad idea! I put some oreo crumbs and butter in a bowl in the microwave, but the butter wasn't melting very well so I ended up leaving it for about a minute to a minute and a half....the crap still didn't melt!  I assumed the crumbs had probably heated a bit, maybe enough to melt the butter and chocolate so I pulled the bowl out and started stirring.  As soon as I turned over the first spoon full of crumbled Oreos smoke came billowing out of the pile of crumbs followed by the worst smell ever which quickly filled the kitchen and the entire house.  I can't tell you if flames erupted or not because I turned my head in disgust and my eyes started was horrible.  And then my wife came in wanting to know what I had I said...what an experiment.

All that to say hell with the microwave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate using the thing, and would be quite content throwing it off a 4 story building to tell you the truth!  If that makes me a grumpy old man, so be it! 

Now on to the chocolate covered strawberry pie things.....I suck at making up names for my creations but oh well.

I had the picture above to go by so as you can tell it has strawberries, chocolate, and an oreo crust.  I like where they are going with this, but it just seems to fall short to me.  So to add some extra umpff, I threw in some marshmallows before I drizzled with chocolate.  Then my wife says "how are people supposed to eat this thing?"  So I tell her, "It's gonna be inside a muffin cup!"  and she replies "but how is it going to stay together, it will just be crumbs and a strawberry, I don't get it."   UGGGGHHHHHH, women!  So I went back and dragged out a saucepan, melted some marshmallows with some butter, drizzled that onto the crust, and glued the strawberry in place with it, then filled the cup the rest of the way with whole mini marshmallows and drizzled chocolate on top!  Magic!  So here's the 'structions as my mamma would say:

1/3 of a package of oreos crumbled (i used food processor)
1 tbsp butter melted
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar

combine crumbs, flour and sugar, then add in the butter. mix thoroughly.  
put cupcake liners in a muffin pan, then spoon in about a tablespoon of the oreo mixture into each one, pressing firmly into place. place muffin pan in freezer while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

while the crusts are cooling, cut the tops off 12 strawberries, or if they're small ones you might want 2 per cup.  set aside and prepare marshmallow goo.

Marshmallow Layer
1cup mini marshmallows
1tbsp butter

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat, then add marshmallows and melt them too.  Spoon about a tbsp of the goo into each crusted cup.

Next put a large strawberry or 2 small ones into each cup.  Sprinkle a few mini marshmallows into each cup to take up space.

Chocolate Topping
1 cup cream
1 cup chocolate chips

Heat the cream in a saucepan over medium heat.  Get it hot but not boiling.  Remove from heat and add chocolate, stirring till melted and smooth.  Let cool for a few minutes. it will thicken a bit as it cools, you want it still runny though.  Using a spoon, drizzle a spoonful over each cup.  Throw the final product into the fridge for about 10 minutes so the chocolate will harden, and then pig out!

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