Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nothing Like a Little Nose Job to add some Excitement

So yesterday I got to have my nose worked on.  I had a deviated septum so they decided to fix it.  See I've had wicked bad headaches ever since I got whacked in the back of the head by a helicopter blade that was turning at low speeds.  The Dr. up at the VA has been working with me for a while ( couple years) trying to figure out a way to help, but we're getting nowhere.  One day he asked if I snore so I tell him yes and he sends me to the ENT.  The fun thing is nobody else in the whole VA healthcare system believes in what this guy is doing so they are all a bunch of jerks when I go to see them, the eye doctor especially.  But the ENT was pretty cool, and looked in my nose then scheduled me for surgery.

If you approach it from a logical standpoint I think there's some good reasoning behind it all.  When your brain doesn't get enough oxygen the vessels swell to allow more blood to flow, and the swelling puts pressure on your brain and causes a headache.  Not all headaches are caused by this but some are.  So it makes sense that if my nose is blocked and I'm not getting enough oxygen into my body, then opening it up to allow more air flow could possibly help with headaches.  The other benefits could be that I sleep better and snore less (so brittney sleeps better).  And if I get more rest in the night then maybe I will have more energy and be able to better focus and not forget everything all the time like I do.    Your logic is sound!

Still no cooking, but keep an open eye.  I'm not allowed to work or lift heavy things so I'm bound to get bored and that usually means cooking.


  1. Quote: "See I've had wicked bad headaches ever since I got whacked in the back of the head by a helicopter blade that was turning at low speeds"
    How the heck did you get whacked with a helicopter? That sounds so _______ painful!!!! What were you doing by a helicopter? Okay, done with the interogation. This is just a tip, but I think you would have more followers if you changed your background from what looks like blood to something less... dark. Just sayin! I hope your nose feels better! :)

  2. Oh, I forgot to say: my best friend's name is Brady TOO!!!!! How coincidental. And she is a girl. Brady can be a girl or boy name! And we are in 8th grade BTW. And... I need to study for my finals instead of doing this. Later!

  3. You might be right about changing my background....hahaha never thought it looks like blood but maybe it's time for a remodel! And I was a helicopter mechanic in the Marine Corps, that's how I got whacked in the head.