Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today I made a sopapilla cheesecake pie and took it to small group.  This recipe is freakin awesome!!!!!!!!  Its like cinnamon toast with cream cheese icing but better then that might be.  You definitely need to try this one.  I ate it while it was still warm, probably cooled for hour and half before we dove in. My wife who hates cheesecake even liked this one, and even offered some ideas to make it even better.....apples were part of that conversation.

Let me let you in on a little secret.  I rarely like anything I bake.  I always pick it apart and find every little mistake I made.  Just like my cheesecake yesterday.  I think it's terrible, because the topping has a slight taste of smoke and it totally kills the entire experience for me.  I always like the butter flavored crisco chocolate chip cookie recipe, unless of course I over cook them.  I also always like my cinnamon toast, it's pretty hard to screw up.  Other then that I don't often like the things I bake.....I said all that to say this......I freakin loved these things, I've had three in the past two hours.  The crust is flaky but breadlike.  It's not like a pie crust but its not like a biscuit either.  The filling is surprisingly amazing.  It's so simple that I really have a hard time accepting that it is so good.  I mean sugar and cream cheese and vanilla...that's too simple to be good.  I always feel like a cheater when I make desserts that aren't all involved and difficult with lots of ingredients.  Its like the harder it is to make, the better I am when I make it good, but when people eat something they don't really care how complex it is, they just care about how awesome it tastes.  So the simplicity is really hard for me to be 100% ok with, but the taste makes it irrelevant.  The topping is a caramelized, sweet, cinnamony, honey soaked, amazing, crunchy but brittle, concoction that just makes your mouth water.  The thing as a whole is rather light.  It's not like eating a slice of cheesecake, it's not as dense and doesn't leave you feeling helpless.  Its a dessert you could have at lunch time, then go right back to digging post holes manually, wait that's me.  You could go back to whatever you would be going back to.

Overall decision, this recipe is a winner.  You suckers who live close enough and didn't come get a bite really missed out.  I guess you'll have to make your own.

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