Thursday, October 11, 2012

When you're too broke for Schlotzsky's

Today was kinda disappointing....I woke up this morning excited because I was going to go pig hunting with the guys in my bible study.  We discussed it briefly on Sunday evening and I've been looking forward all week.  So my buddy who was taking us called up this morning and asked if I was ready to go shoot some birds.....Birds???? What happened to pigs?????  Apparently I am an idiot, deaf or just don't pay attention, something about attention deficit or something like that.  He never said pigs! We were never going to wake up Thursday morning and go kill pigs!  It was always birds, so you can imagine my surprise, cuz as we all know, Pigs Don't Fly!  But what the heck, I like shooting up into the air aimlessly and not hitting a thing as much as the next guy, so I was on board.

Random picture of the most beautiful little girl in the world!!!

But then, after dodging out of work early, our fearless leader got tied up at his job, and he's a plumber so it was probably pretty crappy, so we didn't get to go fill the sky with lead like we had planned.  Instead I came home and stared at the wall for a while......

...until I had a most amazing idea.  Cinnamon somethin 'er other!!!!! Just brilliant I tell ya.  I was pondering my love and affection for one of the most blessed inventions of all time, Cinnamon Toast, when the thought struck me that the thing that makes this treat so divine is the caramelized buttery layer of cinnamon and sugar it's not the toast.  And that got me to thinking about other possibilities with cinnamon, sugar and butter....what else in the world could be made more perfect by this caramelized concoction?   What about a pizza crust??? I know there are places that put cinnamon and sugar on top of pizza crust and serve it up, but they don't achieve that perfect dark crystallized bliss that I love so much.  In fact nobody but me and mamma seem to be able to get that just right.  What about cinnamon rolls without the glaze but topped with the special crust?  Would they be the most absolutely amazing thing in the world or what??????  I honestly have no idea.  I couldn't tell you one way or the other so I did what any pig hunter would do, I got barefoot (and my wife's pregnant) and I got in the kitchen!!!!!!!  If you knew the story of the early beginnings of my relationship with the woman to which I am now married, you would have chuckled just a little (not a LOL but just a :) probably) cuz I used to call her the pig hunter.  I know I know, I'm such a romantic and you all are jealous that she snagged me instead of you, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

So I have ripped off Pioneer Woman's cinnamon roll recipe and am going to experiment.  I want to see just what will happen if I try to recreate all that is good and holy about cinnamon toast but on a cinnamon roll.

And what does all this have to do with Schlotzsky's?????? I'm glad you asked!
While I'm waiting on my dough to rise I started reminiscing about the good ol' days in high school when we'd skip out and go to Schlotzsky's for a ham and cheese original which we would then douse each bite in their hot sauce.  Wow!  Now that is what I'm talkin 'bout!

So I made this:

It's a hot ham and cheddar sandwich on toasted white bread with green olives and mustard...if you look closely you'll notice that's 4 pieces of toast there....that's right, I'm takin a walk on the wild side.  And I would have loved to have used black olives, but all i had was green so I chopped them up and threw them on.  Then as you can imagine, I splashed Frank's hot sauce on before each bite and barely slowed down to take this picture!  Aren't you lucky.  It's a great sammich you should try it sometime!  And remember "Frank's, I put that sh*t on everything!"  Hey don't look at me, that's what that old granny said, I'm just the messenger!!!!!  

So look forward to the results of my cinnamon experiments, they're sure to be a delight!

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