Friday, December 30, 2011

Just Read It, do I really have to come up with a clever, catchy title every stinkin time?????

So those of you who follow my blog religiously, all 8 of you (not really even 8 cuz I know my wife has at least three accounts and all are following me, but whatever), I thought you might be interested to know I made cake balls a couple weeks ago.  I have some pictures....


Ok, so they're not balls, they're cubes.

And that's all I have to say about that!

Ok, maybe I have a few more things to say.  First, they are freaking amazing.  I'm not going to bore you with the recipe because you can find it anywhere, and frankly I don't even remember.  Mine were far from beautiful.....duh, this is the ugly cheesecake!  I don't do pretty.  Not to say I don't try sometimes, it just never works.  That's why I love the word rustic....take this bench for example.

Last year for Christmas my wife asked for a dining table.  So I ask her what she wants...and she shows me a picture of a table on restoration hardware's website of a "rustic" table made from reclaimed 100-yr old pine.  So I thought to myself, if they can take some crap that's 100 years old and make it look like that, why can't I take some lumber that's brand new and do the same thing.  So I made her a table, then while I was at it, I made this bench too.  Now she has a dining table that is roughly 8' long and almost 4' wide with a bench to match.  It's rustic....and restoration hardware was charging way more than a grand for their version...granted if you calculated my time, that's about what this one cost me.  However, last winter, time was something I had a lot of...not so much money though. So here is an example where ugly is beautiful. 


  1. Love cake-balls! Sam prefers for me to make them and not dip them but I prefer a chocolate coating. I love the bench! Sam liked it too!

  2. I come from the "Done is WAY better than perfect" so who cares if they are pretty. (I cheat and just use donut holes and dunk them in candy melts.)